4+6 cylinder Chain & Bang Rules

1. Any 4 cylinder 2 wheel or any 6 cylinder front wheel drive car, up to 109 inch wheel base, no all wheel or 4 wheel drive cars

2. Drivers must be 18 or 16 with signed parental release. Full face helmet required, along with eye protection, and firesuit or Coveralls

3. All glass, chrome, molding, wheel weights, and rubber bumper covers must be removed

4. A hole 8 inches in diameter must be cut in the center of the hood

5. Stacks allowed

6. Battery may be relocated inside car on passenger side floorboard secured to the floor and covered with a rubber mat. Must be no movement of the battery after being tied down.. Will be strictly enforced. Only 1 battery allowed

7. Gas tank may be relocated in back seat floorboard area, tank must be metal marine style and covered with sheet metal. Stock tank may be run but must be chained or strapped in both directions, no more than 3 gallons in either tank. Gas lines must run under car or covered inside. If tank is moved inside electric fuel pump must be under hood with shut off within reach of driver

8. Drivers can weld driverís side doors solid only. All other doors chained only. Trunk chained in two places only after inspection.

9. Roll cages, halo bars or seat brace may be used as long as not secured to frame.

10. Maximum tire size is 16" 4 ply max. Tubes allowed, no inner tires or liquids allowed.

11. Bumpers must remain stock, 2-inch welds on bumpers or mounting brackets allowed, donít over do it or you wonít participate. Rubber covers must be removed.

12. All airbags must be removed.

13. Hoods can be chained down in 2 places after inspection.

14. All radiators must be drained and flushed of all coolant, water only

15. No frozen shocks or struts, car must bounce freely

16. 2 bars in front of windshield mounted between roof and firewall

17. Cars must have good working brakes.

18. Judges decision is final.

19. Not sure if you can do something call for advice.

John King (315) 750-6956